About me

My research interests lie in the evolution of genome structure, content, and function, with a particular focus on the highly divergent mitochondrial DNA of land plants. I use a combination of experimental and computational techniques to trace these peculiar evolutionary pathways and to identify the driving forces that shape these genomes.

I work as the Genome Analyst at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. In addition to my own research, I collaborate with museum curators Shannon Hackett, Corrie Moreau, John Bates, Thorsten Lumbsch, and Richard Ree. Until 2016, I was a postdoctoral researcher at The Field Museum and until 2014 a postdoc in Jeff Mower's lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I received my PhD in 2011 from the University of Bonn in Germany with Volker Knoop as my advisor.

360 video of field trip

February, 2018

Isoetes Field Trip
Quillcon 2016, North Carolina

March, 2016

Tree Ferns and Epiphytes

January, 2016

at the Field Museum in Chicago

2014 - 2016

at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2011 - 2014

Graduate Student
at the University of Bonn

2006 - 2011

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